Welcome to Baby Dragon Tea Shop!

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Why Tea?

Tea tastes great.

There's a tea for every palate. I spent about a year trying to get a friend to discover a tea she would like. She tried flavored teas, green teas, flowery teas- but she said it was just 'leaf-water'. I decided to give it one more shot. We made some Pu`erh and she actually liked it!

Tea is also good for you

as an alternative to any other popular drinks. It's low in calories, it doesn't have unnatural flavoring (usually), and is much lower in caffeine than many drinks. Some teas have a calming affect, like Chamomile, and can help one fall asleep faster.

Tea is economical

A good quality tea can be brewed many times. The price per tea pot is much cheaper than nearly every drink available.

Where did tea come from?

Tea officianados presume the first pot of tea was an accident. It's likely that someone boiled a pot of water and leaves accidentally fell in and were overlooked. Long ago in China it was believed that tea had medicinal qualities. Some teas taste astringent. This quality is quite refreshing after one has had a meal high in fat or oil. As mentioned before the qualities of Chamomile tea are quite relaxing and helps people fall asleep. Bitter tea is supposedly good for the liver. And of course tea has caffeine- but not like coffee or an energy drink! The caffeine in tea gives one an alert feeling without the jitters that coffee or an energy drink has.

Different Teas:

Dragon Well

or Xihu Longjing, is a smooth and mellow green tea from the mountains near Xihu Lake in Hangzhoiu, Zhejiang Province of China. The leaves create a light yellowish green tea with a fresh plant aroma. It has a luxurious fresh vegetative flavor. This tea is fit for a king and was actually a tribute to the Qing Dynasty by Emperor QianLong.

Silver Needle

or Baihao Yinzhen, is a "white tea" produced in the Fujian Province of China. Only the top buds of the plant are collected for this tea. The buds are then processed (involving enzyme oxidation and light baking), which altogether produces a tea that's a little more expensive. However, this uniqu tea is very low in caffeine, has a glittering pale yellow color, produces an aroma similar to fresh-cut hay (*Not* musty old hay), with a delightfully sweet but gentle vegetal flavor. Occasionally it also has the lightest citrus essence, reminescent of lemons.

Iron Goddess of Mercy- it's not a Metal band!

Tie Guan Yin, also known as: Iron Goddess, Goddess of Mercy , and Iron Goddess of Mercy. This tea has a unique story! One night the Goddess Guanyin appeared to a tea grower in his dream. Apparently he had been taking care of a run down temple and its iron statue of Guanyin. So Guanyin appeared to him in a dream and told him to look behind the temple in a cave for treasure. He was to take some for himself and share it with others as well. The next day he found in the cave a single tea shoot which he cultivated. The tea it made was truly wonderful and became very popular. Eventually he and his neighbors were producing a lot of this famous tea, everyone prospered, and the temple was repaired. This is another tea also fit for a king! The Qianlong Emperor also liked this tea. And for good reason! As an oolong the tea masters can produce a variety of gentle but pronounced flavors. Generally the tea has a green emerald or jade sheen, a delightfully fresh vegetal aroma, and tastes such as floral, sweet, sometimes even "honey", "fruity" or "berry". A pure tie guanyin will have predominantly a yellowish green color, vegetal aroma, and a fresh green flaovr with a high iron content and astringent properties.

Big Red Robe

Da Hong Pao is another tea with a story. Da Hong Pao is q Wuyi rock tea from the Wuyi mountains in China. As the story goes a Ming Dynasty Emperor gave some of this tea to his mother who was ill. She claims to have been cured by the tea and the Emperor was thankful. In a particularly strong winter the Emperor worried that the tea bushes may not survive. So he sent great robes of red cloth to protect the bushes from frost. As these tea bushes grow in a difficult environment their numbers have waxed and waned throughout time. However, six of the original bushes survive to this day! As you can imagine the price of this wonderful tea is quite expensive. Over 1Mn USD per/KG! The tea from the orginal bushes are coveted and reserved for honored guests in China. Fortunately "babies" from the bushes have been cultivated in tea plantations. The color and aroma are rich and the tea has a robust flavor with fruity or floral undertones. A typical price for a good Da Hong Pao tea is around $140 per pound. This may seem a lot but it actually comes out to about $2.50 a teapot, which can be brewed several times. Probably cheaper than a mocha.

Bitter Tea

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is bitter. If you like bitter flavors you will love this rich, bitter, green tea high in vegetal flavor. If you don't, I don't blame you. I can't stomach it either.

Milk Oolong

Milk Oolong is a unique tea from Taiwan, or China. Taiwan OR China? This is where tea gets weird. China produces Milk Oolong in the Fujian mountains. However, there are also a lot of fake Milk Oolong teas one should avoid at all costs. While "beer beer" may be a generic Budweiser, it's not dangerous. But a fake tea, or fake anything, from China could cause irreparable harm or worse. Taiwanese Milk Oolong, or Jin Xuan or #12 or Nai Xiang, is made in Taiwan exclusively. The tea's color is rich, witha delightful mulky or slightly buttery aroma, with a similar flavor. However, a good quality Milk Oolong will not have a residue floating on its surface nor will the plants natural flavors be lost in the flavor. If either is true it is likely an adulterated or fake tea.

Pearl Jasmine

This tea has a unique shape- generally small and round. The tea leaf is rolled into a ball after being stored with Jasmine petals. This gives the tea a unique jasmine flavor.


I know I already mentioned a strange tea. But you've probably already had this one and don't consider it strange at all. If you've had any tea in a Chinese-American restaurant in the USA there is a very good chance the tea you drank was Pu`Erh. It's not usually a cheap tea, so the quality you drank is, well- restaurant quality. It's usually free, right? So they're not likely to spend a lot on something they're giving away... However, there are some great quality Pu`Erh's that you have probably seen in a tea shop. Maybe even teavana. So, what makes them strange? They come in large round discs, or small blocks. The tea is compressed into these shapes and aged. Another reason why they aren't cheap- they have to be stored properly while they age. Not unlike a high quality cigar or fine wine. Usually a tea drinker wants fresh tea. In this case a good Pu`Erh may actually be quite old.

Golden Snail

This tea is also rolled into a ball but it is a red tea. Or black tea as it's known in the West. This tea often has golden hairs and a light dusting of gold in whatever bag or container it is stored in. This tea is made in Yunnan Province, which I have had the pleasure of visiting. Oddly this tea is quite difficult to find in Yunnan, if you're looking for high quality. It's a very common tea, but it's not all that great there. A good quality Golden Snail has a rich delicious flavor. There are notes of light fruit, like peach, or sweet potato, a sweetness like honey or molasses, and a warm consistency like rich creamy cocoa and malt. Earl Grey can go back to England, this tea will be your favorite black tea!


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Once you are introduced to truly amazing teas- you will choose plain water over Lipton, as well as many boxed teas. If you're ready to treat yourself- try some high end teas! You won't regret it. On the contrary, you will become very pleased indeed.